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White Collar Crimes

Medicaid Fraud: How Does Someone Get “Caught”

Medicaid is a mostly State-run program. The Federal Government provides the money, and some guidelines. The states themselves handle the day-to-day operations of Medicaid programs.
Medicare is a Federally administered program. The basic scheme is that private providers offer medical services to the poor (Medicaid) or the elderly (Medicare), bill the government (state or […]

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A Brief Overview of Kinds of Medicaid Fraud

Medicaid Fraud is a complex area of the law involving either restitution, civil penalties, and possible criminal penalties.
The problem is that what the government sometimes counts as fraud, is merely aggressive, and perfectly legal, billing on the parts of providers.
Whether you’re in the category of a company/person accused of outright fraud – where you billed […]

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Prosecutions coming in Medicaid Fraud cases

Governor Bev Perdue has announced that the State of North Carolina will begin more vigorous prosecutions of those accused of Medicaid fraud. Obviously budget conditions in the state and the nation is pushing the governor to look for money everywhere and anywhere, including from those who bill the State for state administered Medicaid expenses. […]

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