Substantial Assistance

Working on a Felony Drug Contract

Someone recently asked me: I sold marijuana to an “informant” twice. The second time I was brought in by police and offered a deal to become an confidential informant. I was told if I brought in 5 controlled drug buys. My first buy went bad, and the cops ended up revealing my cover. After that…

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5k1.1, 18 USC 3553(e) and Rule 35 Federal Sentencing Departures

Federal criminal law has stiff penalties. First, there are the laws – the statutes – that are generally harsher than state statutes in imposing criminal sanctions and penalties. Second, there are the Sentencing Guidelines which add to the harshness of the federal system. There are some limited ways that a federal criminal lawyer can help…

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Confidential Informants – A Secret and Corrupt System

NPR has an interesting report on the use and abuse of confidential informants.
Here’s an excerpt:
Loyola Law School professor Alexandra Natapoff, author of the new book Snitching, says the public has no clue about the thousands of informants now on the government payroll.

“It’s a very clandestine, secretive and unregulated arena that yet influences the outcome of […]

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