Resist, Delay, Obstruct

Is Running from the Police Unlawful?

What if the officer has no suspicion of criminal activity, but the officer observes a person and tells him to stop. The person takes off running. Has the person committed a crime of Resist, Delay, and Obstruct? In State v. White, officers received a report of loud music in a high crime area: The State’s…

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Submitting to an Unlawful Arrest

The DC Court of Appeals – the appellate court for the District of Columbia – issued a ruling recently holding that under that jurisdiction’s Resist, Delay & Obstruct statute, a citizen must submit to an unlawful exercise of police power, and if the person refuses to do so, the police may administer a beating to…

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Assaults and Threats against Public Officials in North Carolina

Someone who assaults – places a public official in imminent fear of being touched or hit or actually hits or unlawfully touches a public official – may be convicted of a Class F felony under Sec. 14-16.6.
In addition, anyone who threatens a public official or mails a letter or other document that threatens […]

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