Is a PJC available for a DWI?

A PJC, a prayer for judgment continued, is a way that someone can resolve a traffic offense without incurring insurance points that can raise insurance rates. A PJC can be used for many different traffic offenses. However, a PJC cannot be used for DWI offenses. While PJC can be used for a “baby DWI” –…

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What is a PJC or Prayer for Judgment Continued

A prayer for judgment continued or PJC is unique to North Carolina, and is a type of disposition that is frequently used in misdemeanor cases in North Carolina courts. Many people think that a PJC is a good thing to get, but over the years the value of a PJC has been chipped away such…

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Should I Hire a Lawyer for my Traffic Ticket?

If you’ve gotten a traffic ticket Raleigh or Raleigh traffic ticket, or a speeding ticket, a no operators license ticket, or a driving while license revoked, or DWLR ticket Raleigh, or are seeking a DWLR Raleigh lawyer, you should hire a competent lawyer to help you handle these cases. I do handle some of these…

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