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I Wasn’t Read My Miranda Rights – Is That Legal?

What most people know about Miranda Rights are what they see on TV shows like Law & Order. Usually, the show depicts a person being arrested and the first thing that happens after the handcuffs are slapped on is they are read their Miranda Rights. Given that this is the extent of most people’s education…

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Miranda v. Arizona – The History

Miranda v. Arizona concerned itself with the conviction of Ernest Arturo Miranda, petitioner and defendant, who had been convicted of two crimes – rape and kidnapping – sentences on each count of 20 to 30 years to run concurrently. In a separate case, the defendant had been convicted of the crime of robbery, committed as…

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Miranda Warnings for Kids

The Right to Remain Silent… this is the first in a series of four advisory statements a police officer must read to you if you are in custody and if the police officer wishes to interrogate you. These are call Miranda Warnings. If police fail to read the Miranda Warnings before questioning an in-custody suspect,…

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Your Rights when you meet with Police

You have certain rights when dealing with the police. It’s important for you to know and understand how to effectively take advantage of your rights. Two major rights are the right against unlawful search and seizure, and your Miranda Rights. This video explains your rights in a general way: It’s important to understand that the police…

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New Developments in Miranda law

Since 1966, the Supreme Court has had to reinterpret Miranda law. Miranda law first was developed in a 1966 case – Arizona v. Miranda – in which the Supreme Court ruled that when a suspect is interrogated in custody, the police must read him his rights. And if he invokes his rights, the police must…

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