How much Time is Enough Time?

After criticizing reporters for giving exaggerated predictions about possible sentences, I didn't adequately take into account that Jahaad Marshall would be sentenced to the equivalent of “eleventy million years,” or in his case 260 years. Since Jahaad Marshall is not Methuselah, he will end his life with time to serve. His 17-year-old brother Shabar, who…

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Christopher Dorner and the Corrupt LAPD

Whatever Christopher Dorner is – a killer, a lunatic, a man with a deep, abiding grudge – the LAPD is no agency of angels. It’s a police department steeped in violence, corruption, and abusive policing. Consider that since 2000, the federal government, through an agreement with the city, has provided federal oversight of LAPD policing…

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Why is video so important in criminal investigations?

Scott Greenfield, a New York criminal defense lawyer, comments on a recent case involving allegations of police brutality by law enforcement officers in New Jersey. Following claims that troopers in New Jersey were racial profiling, the State Highway Patrol required all troopers to maintain and activate dashcams to record any police enforcement encounters with citizens.…

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