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People with Minor Crimes Face Deportation

The New York Times is out with an article today about the record number of deportations of people charged or convicted of only minor infractions. Here’s President Obama in a debate with Mitt Romney in 2012: President Obama said: that the federal government needs to focus on “criminals, gang bangers, people who are hurting the…

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Federal Government Re-Evaluates Immigration Policy

Under current federal policy – the so-called 287(g) program – local officials are enlisted to identify people who may be arrested on state criminal charges – such as an assault, DWI, or worse – may be screened for immigration status. If the detainee is identified as undocumented or illegal, then an ICE hold may be…

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Ineffective Assistance of Counsel and Immigration

What happens when a criminal lawyer does not fully inform his client of the immigration consequences of a conviction? That lawyer has committed the sin of ineffective assistance of counsel. The Supreme Court held recently in Padilla v. Kentucky that a criminal lawyer must give accurate advice regarding the potential consequences of an immigration conviction.…

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Texas says “No!” to Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Law

Good news from Texas. Texas Governor Rick Perry has rejected efforts there to replicate Arizona’s harsh anti-immigrant law which makes it a misdemeanor to be in the state illegally. Arizona’s tough new illegal immigration enforcement law would not be right for Texas, Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday, upholding the state’s long-held tradition of rejecting harsh…

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Arizona’s Terrible Law: Good News from RPD Police Chief

Two million people were turned into “suspects” over night with the passage of Arizona’s new law which makes it a misdemeanor to be in the United States illegally, and permits police to stop and question anyone they suspect of being here illegally. In practice, this means people who look Hispanic will be stopped, questioned, and must…

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