Child Abuse

Abusive Head Trauma / Shaken Baby Syndrome in NC

As I've previously written, North Carolina remains a place where abusive head trauma or intentional head trauma (formerly known as shaken baby syndrome) is misdiagnosed. It is certainly not disputed that children are sometimes intentionally abused, and that this can have traumatic long term effects. It is, however, a matter for dispute about whether the…

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Child Abuse Cases in North Carolina

There are not many crimes that conjure as many negative emotions as child abuse. While there are some child abuse cases that are extremely serious where a child is seriously hurt, in other cases the child is not hurt at all but the defendant’s behavior put the child at risk, resulting in the child abuse…

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Child Abuse in a Hot Car

Shanesha Taylor, charged wih felony child abuse by the Maricopa County attorney in Arizona, has captured the sympathies of people across the country. Since her late March arrest, after she left her six year old and her baby in a car for 45 minutes while she went to a job interview, Americans have donated more…

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