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June 15, 2021

Cary Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re facing serious penalties after being charged with a crime, you need exceptional legal representation. Reach out to a respected criminal defense lawyer in Cary for help.

People are arrested every day, and many of these arrests turn into criminal charges. The state’s prosecuting attorney is responsible for bringing charges against you and proving beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty. But with the right legal defense, you could be acquitted and get back to your life.

At The Chetson Firm, we are committed to building the strongest defense possible for our clients. With a qualified Cary criminal defense lawyer by your side, you can rest easier knowing an experienced trial lawyer is fighting for your liberties. 

Cases in Cary That Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Handle

There are many situations in which you may not be sure of two things: whether you need a lawyer, and if so, should you hire one or get a public defender. First, if a police officer has read your Miranda rights, or you have been detained by police, contact your criminal defense lawyer in Cary.

When it comes to your freedom, you can never be too careful, and having a lawyer from the start can only help your case.

There are two ways you can get a lawyer for your defense. You can hire one or you can work with a public defender. Unfortunately, public defenders simply don’t have the resources or time to devote to every case— and you deserve your lawyer’s undivided attention.

There are seemingly endless different crimes you could be charged with crimes, but if you’ve been arrested for any of the following crimes, contact your criminal defense lawyer in Cary to discuss your defense:

  • Assault
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Theft, larceny, burglary
  • Driving while impaired (DWI)
  • Arson
  • Homicide
  • Manslaughter
  • White collar crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Violent crimes

If you have been arrested for a crime not listed above, reach out to our office, as we may still be able to represent you.

What to Expect from Your Cary Criminal Justice Lawyer

Once you have retained legal representation with The Chetson Firm, we’ll be able to get started on your defense. We must examine the circumstances of your case, figure out which defense strategy is right for you, gather the evidence needed to support your defense, and be available to answer all of your questions and concerns in a timely manner. 

These are just a few of the responsibilities your criminal defense lawyer will have after taking on your case. You can learn more about the criminal court process and what to expect from your case, specifically, after your initial consultation.

Get In Touch With a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cary

When you’ve been charged with a crime of any kind, you have the right to defend yourself. A highly trained Cary criminal defense lawyer at The Chetson Firm could help you avoid a conviction and secure your freedom. We can further discuss the individual details of your case during your no-obligation consultation. 

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