In probably the last set of mailers out before Tuesday’s primary in the Wake County DA’s race, Democratic candidates Boz Zellinger and Lorrin Freeman are trading shots over SEANC’s mailer from April in which SEANC implied Freeman was responsible for corruption in the Wake County Clerk of Court’s Office.

Freeman’s flyer accuses Zellinger of trying to buy the District Attorney office and says that “Freeman stood up to special interests who were price gouging employees in a payday purchasing program. Now the same group is financing Lorrin’s opponent and running ads distorting her record. Long time Wake County DA Colon Willoughby called these tactics, ‘dishonest and deceptive’ while the Independent Weekly said Boz was ‘displaying weakness.'”

Freeman’s flyer ends with the statement: “The DA should fight for you not Special Interests – tell Boz the DA can’t be… BOUGHT.”

Zellinger’s campaign has sent out a mock “voter’s guide” that again levels charges similar to the ones made by SEANC in April about malfeasance in the Clerk’s office. Zellinger’s mailer notes endorsements from SEANC, the Indy Weekly, Brad Miller, and the North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance.

With multiple mailers, including two from SEANC, a paid staff, push polling, and a well-honed approach to campaigning, Zellinger is looking like a formidable candidate come Tuesday.

However, internal polling in a campaign shows that Lorrin Freeman is likely to win the primary. But such polling is notoriously unreliable, especially in an off-year, primary election where turnout will be low.

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