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May 29

Cops and General Deterrence

There's a reason why police officers continue to kill mostly black people around the country. It's because they know that even in the rare cases where they are charged, they probably won't be convicted. And even if they walk into the wrong home and gun down a guy who was just enjoying some ice cream,...

May 12

Racially Coded Violence

The Raleigh Police Department's shameful behavior in recent weeks to stop the notorious display of dangerous weapons that incite fear among the populace is nothing new. But it's still pathetic. And make no mistake about it: it's racially coded. When black people - the Black Panthers - marched through the streets in the 1960s and...

May 12

And Never We Trust Will the Day Come When Any Deadly Weapon Will Be Worn…

Raleigh has been the site of marches the last couple weeks involving various groups exercising their "Second Amendment" rights, by which they mean to terrorize the local populace by displaying dangerous weapons and walking up and down downtown streets. Recently they were spotted at the Oakwood Cemetary, and this past weekend they were in the...

May 03

Going Armed to the Terror of the People while Wearing Facemasks Why weren't the dozen or so bozos walking down the street in the middle of Raleigh, and near Oakwood Cemetery, arrested for Going Armed to the Terror of the People? That's the burning question for today. While North Carolina is an open-carry state, North Carolina does not permit the the carrying of dangerous or...

Apr 17

North Carolina Drug Crimes

Drug offenses Drug offenses are among the most serious charges one can face. The state and federal governments both maintain a long list of drug crimes, with severe penalties in both systems for conviction, including lengthy, multi-year prison sentences and steep fines in the thousands of dollars. Police and prosecutors are eager to make drug...

Apr 07

Domestic Violence in the Time of COVID

Since mid-March, while North Carolina courts are "open," most courts are closed for non-emergency purposes by order of Chief Justice Cheri Beasley. The Chief Justice extended her order closing most state courts unti June 1, 2020. As a result, trials have been continued, standard hearings have been postponed, and regular criminal courts have been essentially...

Jan 17

North Carolina Criminal Lawyer

The stakes are high whenever you have been charged with a felony offense, or even a misdemeanor drug offense or DWI. You could be sent to jail, forced to pay thousands in fines, or lose your driver’s license or even your vehicle. Also, having a criminal record can affect you in your job, your housing,...

Nov 02

The Perils of RICO

Following decades of battling organized crime - principally, in the American imagination, the Italian mob - Congress passed the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, a part of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970. American law enforcement had been frustrated for years. The law generally punished the discrete criminal acts - robbery or extortion...

Sep 08

Raleigh Child Pornography Lawyer

Having defended more than 100 clients investigated for or charged with child pornography-related offenses, we recognize patterns of behavior that give rise to problematic conduct, the methods used by law enforcement to seek people who distribute or download child pornography, and the prosecutorial approaches used by federal and state authorities to bring these cases to...

Sep 01

SafeSport Issues Lifetime Ban

SafeSport issued a lifetime ban barring a once-celebrated U.S. figure skating coach from participating in the sport. The ruling came twenty years after the coach's governing body, U.S. Figure Skating, refused to act to the allegations because, under the national governing body's rules, the allegations had not been filed in a timely fashion. The allegations...



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