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Jan 21

Surrendering into Federal Custody

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] Watch Brandon Craig Fellows on TikTok as he is driven to federal court to surrender himself for participating in the insurrection at the Capitol building. Fellows was interviewed following the insurrection, insisting he had "no regrets" for disrupting Congress' efforts to certify Joe Biden as president: Fellows, who lives in a...

Jan 18

What Is Sexual Exploitation of a Minor?

When you’re accused of a serious sex crime, it’s not always easy to recover from those accusations. A conviction can upend your life, hurting you, your family, and your future. When you’re blindsided by sex crime charges, it can be difficult to recover from the impact on your life. But what is sexual exploitation of...

Jan 17

Attorney Profile

As one of North Carolina's preeminent criminal defense lawyers, widely respected as a federal trial practitioner, regarded by judges and prosecutors as "always prepared" and diligent, Damon Chetson has represented more than 1500 clients in more than a decade of litigation throughout courts in North Carolina. From large multi-defendant conspiracies, public corruption cases, drug trafficking...

Jan 15

The Generation Justice Policy Grift: Child Welfare on the Cheap

Among players in the non-governmental organization industry, there are grifters and then there's Darcy Olsen, who has made a career, and a handsome living advancing terrible policy - the kind of policies that have gutted the American social welfare state, harmed public education and weakened regulations.  Olsen is a consummate ideologue and dilettante, the kind...

Jan 15

24/7 Raleigh Criminal Lawyer

1. 24/7 Accessibility Since 2009, Damon Chetson has provided round-the-clock accessibility to people facing high stakes criminal litigation in both state and federal courts.  We understand that criminal charges and investigations can occur at any time, day or night, weekday or weekend, and that the ability to contact and consult confidentiality with an experienced specialist...

Jan 13

Raleigh Cocaine Lawyer

Cocaine cases in North Carolina can be punished in either state or federal courts, and through a variety of laws.  In state court, cocaine is punished always as a felony - possession, possession with intent to sell, manufacture, and deliver, or sale and delivery of cocaine and, in cases involving 28 grams or more of...

Jan 12

Fünf Mythen des Geständnisses

In whatever language or country, a criminal defense lawyer's advice will be the same: Shut Up, Halt die Klappe, Boucle-la, Тише, ¡Cállate! It's Christmas, and work is slow before the four or five murder trials I will have in 2021, so I'm reading up on the German criminal process and criminal law. (In law school I...

Jan 12

Raleigh Khat Lawyer

Federal and state law prohibits the distribution of khat - cathinone - a plant that is popular in parts of the Middle East and Africa for its stimulating properties.  Khat, known in Arabic as القات‎ al-qāt, is illegal under two parts of the federal drug schedules. There is no legal use for khat in the...

Jan 02

Expungements in 2021

New Year is a time to clean up old messes, including old criminal messes that you'd best leave forgotten.  However, it's a good time of the year to consider whether you might be eligible for an expungement. Expungements are not available for federal crimes - even if you are found not guilty, your record will always...

Jan 01

Domestic Violence Protective Order Ruling

Court of Appeals Rules on DVPO Statute North Carolina's Domestic Violence Protective Order statute - Chapter 50B was first drafted in 1979 - more than 25 years before Obergfell v. Hodges the 2015 Supreme Court decision that held that marriage between same-sex partners was constitutionally protected by the Fourteenth Amendment. As a consequence under the original 1979...



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