Dorothy Depalo InfilawDorothy Depalo works for Infilaw. Infilaw doesn’t really have anything to do with the law, other than it’s a private equity company that owns a bunch of ABA-accredited law schools. Dorothy sent me an email earlier today asking for my considered opinion on a variety of Infilaw company “law schools”.

Naturally, I rated them all POOR because what else would you call scam institutions that seek to deprive the unwary of money and time in the futile hope that someone will employ them as lawyers to pay back student loans.

In 2015, if you can’t get into a real law school, then it’s better not to go at all. Infilaw schools are not real law schools. They merely operate as pass-throughs for federal loans (which students can take out at up to the total cost of law school plus cost of living).

Infilaw gets the money now. Infilaw law students, nearly all of whom do not get jobs in the legal profession, are forced to pay back these debts to Infilaw (via the Federal Government) because the debts are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy and the federal government, except through certain programs, does not forgive these promises to pay.

That money pays, in part, for Dorothy Depalo’s salary. How she sleeps at night is a mystery to me.

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