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Holly Springs, Wake County

Holly Springs

In 1990, Holly Springs had a population of 900. By 2009, its population was at 20,000. This remarkable growth has made Holly Springs the fastest growing town in North Carolina. In 2007, CNN ranked it the 22nd best small town to live in.

Today most people who live in Holly Springs work in Raleigh or the Research Triangle, and the town is dotted with many suburban developments.

If you are a resident of Holly Springs or arrested in Holly Springs, in all likelihood your case would be resolved in the state court of Wake County Justice Center in downtown Raleigh or in the federal district court of the Eastern District of North Carolina in the Terry Sanford Building on New Bern Ave. in downtown Raleigh.

Holly Springs criminal lawyer Damon Chetson represents clients who live in Holly Springs and other parts of Wake County. He is available to meet in his downtown Raleigh office, or by visiting your home in Holly Springs or other parts of Wake County. Call (919) 352-9411 for a free consultation.