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Cary, Wake County

Criminal Lawyer in Cary

Cary Police Department

Cary Police are known by the criminal defense bar as one of the most aggressive police agencies in the state. Cary prides itself on a reputation of being safe and relatively crime free.

Beneath the surface, like any suburb, Cary has a significant drug problem, especially among school-age and young adults. In addition, Cary Police have devoted significant resources – including an enforcement team – focused on pursuing people who download and distribute child pornography. Cary police, in cooperation with federal authorities, will sometimes pose as children online in order to catch suspected child predators.

Cary also faces the typical crimes that exist in any American community, including white collar offenses such as embezzlement. In addition, Cary’s DWI enforcement teams are particularly aggressive at enforcing North Carolina’s implied consent laws.

Prosecution of Cary Cases

If you live in Cary, NC or are arrested in Cary, in all likelihood your case would be resolved at the Wake County Courthouse in downtown Raleigh or in federal district court of the Eastern District of North Carolina.