Raleigh Lawyer PilotHaving started flying earlier this year, my law firm has purchased a Piper Cherokee 140. Ultimately the idea behind the purchase is to allow me to travel to more areas of the state to provide criminal defense.

I have focused my practice in Wake County, and in the Research Triangle. But North Carolina, being such a diverse and geographically wide state, makes buying an aircraft and flying to other parts of the state more practical than, say New York. Not to mention that North Carolina’s weather – the lack of harsh Winters and generally mild Springs and Falls – makes flying here much more practice.

The other nice feature about North Carolina is the abundance of small airports conveniently located close to courthouses. North Carolina has a county-based judicial system, and many counties have local airports that make travel convenient.

For instance, JNX, Johnston County’s Airport, is Jnx airport lawyer in Smithfield, not far from the courthouse.

Triangle North (Franklin County) is only a couple miles from the courthouse in Louisburg. As I get proficient in flying, it’ll make sense to fly down to Wilmington, New Bern, or Elizabeth City for federal criminal cases – or to Charlotte for cases in Mecklenburg County.

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