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Mr. Chetson and his team are phenomenal at what they do. He has top knowledge in the field of law and truly knows what he’s doing.

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Mr. Chetson and his staff always get back to you in a quick manner, have the right answers and make you feel comfortable.

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I'm very glad I made the decision to hire Mr. Chetson. He addressed all my questions and concerns and is a genuinely nice person.

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Case Results
Reduced Methamphetamine Trafficking
Released Shooting at Club
Reduced Cocaine Conspiracy

ABOUT The Chetson Firm

Concerned for your future? Let a criminal defense lawyer help you fight your charge.

When you’re accused of a crime, your life can be upended in a moment. You’re facing harsh penalties that can impact you and your family for years. It’s not just your finances, either. A criminal conviction will impact your freedom, your rights, and your livelihood.

Being accused of a crime is scary, but it doesn’t have to lead to a conviction. Your Raleigh criminal defense lawyer at The Chetson Firm can do what’s possible to make sure of that.

With more than a decade of experience handling some of the toughest, most severe criminal charges in the Raleigh area—including federal criminal charges—your lawyer can help you face your charges and seek a favorable outcome for your case.



THE CHETSON FIRM? What makes us different? Our dedication to pursuing the best outcome for your case.

You’re already facing charges that could devastate your future. A wrong move could mean years in prison in the worst cases. Because of this, few people accused of criminal offenses want to go to court without experience on their side.

While we at The Chetson Firm have over a decade of experience, it’s not just about the quantity of experience—it’s about the quality.

Mr. Chetson has represented more clients in jury trials than many lawyers face in a lifetime. Between 2019 and 2021, he tried seven serious criminal trials before state and federal juries, more cases than some defense lawyers try in a lifetime. He hung juries in two separate murder and firearms cases and defended a client in the largest federal criminal prosecution in United States history. He (and co-counsel) saved another man’s life when the Wake County District Attorney sought the death penalty in a 2016 triple homicide. Mr. Chetson also negotiated favorable pleas, or dismissals, in a multiple drug offenses, drug trafficking charges, and kidnapping, rape, sexual assaults and two murders. He secured a probationary sentence for a client who had originally been accused of first-degree murder.

When you know your Raleigh criminal defense lawyer has a track record of success, you know you can trust them with your case.

Our Success Stories

Dismissal of Kidnapping Charges

One of Mr. Chetson’s clients faced first-degree kidnapping and forcible rape charges. Mr. Chetson defended and proved his client’s innocence. All charges have since been dismissed, and these charges have been expunged from the client’s record.

Meth Trafficking Charges Reduced

In 2019, a client of Raleigh drug lawyer Mr. Chetson was charged with conspiracy to possess methamphetamine with intent to deliver. This sentence has a ten-year minimum sentence, but Mr. Chetson was able to reduce the sentence to forty months.

Preventing Death Penalty Conviction

As a violent crime lawyer, Mr. Chetson also saved one client from the death penalty. The client had been charged with a triple homicide in Wake County, which was presented in the Wake County Superior Court.

Fatal Shooting Trial

In 2014, a couple was charged for a fatal shooting outside a club in Raleigh’s Warehouse District. Mr. Chetson succeeded in reducing the clients’ charges and avoiding a first-degree murder conviction for the clients.

First-Degree Murder Case

In 2019, Mr. Chetson also won release on probation for his client charged with first-degree murder. A superior court judge granted Mr. Chetson’s request for “extraordinary mitigation,” the first time that judge handed down such a judgment in their fifteen-year career.

Battle-hardened. Trial-tough. Ready to protect your rights and your future. Call 919-352-9411.



When you’ve been charged with a criminal offense like drug possession or a sex crime, it can be difficult to recover and face your charges head-on. You may not have the experience or the tools necessary to make your case a success. Unfortunately, that makes it easy to make mistakes and end up with a conviction.

Your Raleigh criminal defense lawyer can help you get the answers you need before your trial. If you have questions about your case, take a look at the following FAQ, which covers some of the most commonly asked questions by potential clients. You can also contact us for a consultation to get detailed, case-specific answers for your case.

Am I guaranteed a dismissal?

No case is guaranteed a dismissal or any other outcome. What we can guarantee is our dedication to your case. We’re determined to make the best possible outcome a reality so that you don’t have to worry about the lifelong consequences of a conviction.

What if I can’t afford a lawyer for my criminal defense?

Our firm determines the costs of your representation based on the charges and complexity of the case. We offer payment plans, as well as some pro bono options in cases of speech-related or protest actions. When you talk with a lawyer about your case, we can discuss your options in Raleigh.

What does it mean if my defense lawyer is a specialist?

Mr. Chetson’s board certification means this firm has more tools at their disposal to make your case a success. Mr. Chetson has been active in the field for years and has completed further training and education to serve the needs of his clients. That means more resources to make your case a success.

Can I get a free consultation?

The Chetson Firm does offer free consultations in many cases. That means you can call or text us at 919-352-9411 to discuss your North Carolina case with a criminal defense lawyer. For a modest fee, we’re also able to visit potential clients in jail, so we can discuss your case even while you’re in custody.



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