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1. 24/7 Accessibility

Since 2009, Damon Chetson has provided round-the-clock accessibility to people facing high stakes criminal litigation in both state and federal courts.  We understand that criminal charges and investigations can occur at any time, day or night, weekday or weekend, and that the ability to contact and consult confidentiality with an experienced specialist in state and federal criminal law can make the difference between a successful outcome and catastrophe.

We are available by phone, for free consultations, and via text message.  We make regular visits to jails and confinement facilities, and frequently do not charge for these visits. From our office in Raleigh, we can travel throughout North Carolina, and have represented clients in counties through eastern North Carolina, and in federal courts in the Eastern, Middle, and Western Districts.

2. Straightforward, Clear Advice

We offer straightforward advice from the first (often free) consultation.  Our advice remains consistently grounded in the law and the facts as we understand them.  We do not begin changing our advice once the fee is paid.  We pride ourselves on being clear and direct with our clients, making sure they understand that our interests are aligned with their interests: in working toward the best possible outcome.

3. State and Federal Expertise

Damon Chetson is a Board Certified Specialist in State and Federal Criminal Law, and has been certified since 2016 by the North Carolina Bar’s Board of Specialization.  He has been admitted to each of the federal districts in North Carolina, and to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Damon is a Criminal Justice Act Panel Attorney, and a member of the Fourth Circuit’s Criminal Appeals Panel.  Damon is Lead Counsel with the Office of the Capital Defender’s (Death Penalty) Roster.  He is a SuperLawyer, and highly rated by Avvo and other ratings agencies.

4. Non-Judgmental Representation

Damon Chetson understands that everyone makes mistakes, and that the job of a criminal defense lawyer is to defend a client against the worst excesses of a brutal criminal justice system.  He does not judge, and does not bully clients into accepting plea agreements that can be harmful to their interests.

5. Always a Defense Lawyer

Mr. Chetson has never worked as a prosecutor, and has never bought into the mistaken notion that serving as a prosecutor makes a person a good defense lawyer.  Mr. Chetson has focused his skills on keeping people out of prison, and on keeping people free of criminal convictions.


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