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Archive for May 2017

Jeff Sessions: A Sad Example of Public Integrity

No Attorney General is perfect. Conservatives pointed out that Eric Holder, President Obama’s attorney general, failed to comply with court orders requiring him to release information about the ATF’s “Fast and Furious” Operation. Democrats complained that that President George W. Bush’s attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, improperly ousted a number of United States Attorneys based on…

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Tiger Woods arrested for DWI

News reports out of Jupiter, Florida claim Tiger Woods, the golf pro, was arrested for Driving While Impaired following a traffic stop. Woods was taken into custody just after 3:00 am this morning and released about seven hours later after being charged and processed. Woods’ arrest is the second time he has been suspected of driving under…

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Trump is a Menace, Praises Duterte for Drug War

Regardless of one’s politics, it is incontrovertible that Donald Trump is a menace, a seven-year-old with a gnat’s attention span dressed up as the President of the United States. He is singularly unfit to be president. A clown of epic proportions, he is a clear and present danger to our constitutional system. (I’ll note that…

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Sentencing: What we Know, What Sessions does not

Here’s what we know about sentencing and deterrence: People are deterred by consistent enforcement and arrest of criminal laws, less so by consistent conviction, and even less so by the length of a potential sentence. Most people – except people with significant sociopathic disorders – age out of crime, particularly violent crime so that by…

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Nosy Reporters Deserve a Punch, Right?

Assuming he’s ever charged – a pretty big assumption in 2017 America – my recommendation – as someone who does not practice in Montana – is that Republican candidate for Congress Greg Gianforte take no plea offer. Put twelve in a box, and try this thing. The ol’ “Nosy Reporters Deserve a Punch” defense to…

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DWI Release and Detention

DWI Driving Detention – Knoll Problem

North Carolina appellate courts and statutory law err on the side of the release of defendants from custody on the least restrictive terms possible. The United States Constitution’s Eighth Amendment, too, preserves affordable and reasonable bail as a right, and requires an individualized determination of bail in criminal cases. In certain cases, bail can be…

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Henry McCollum & Leon Brown: The Backstory

The Backstory In 1983, Sabrina Buie was raped and murdered in a field in the small town of Red Springs in Robeson County, North Carolina. In 1984, Henry McCollum and Leon Brown were wrongfully convicted after their false confessions were admitted in court. In 1988, the North Carolina State Court overturned the convictions and ordered…

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