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Archive for September 2016

Vehicle Registration as Hearsay

Let me rant for a moment. I’m getting a little tired of arguing basic foundational legal principles in North Carolina District Courts and having them be ignored. Take, for instance, the vaunted Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test, the MOST RELIABLE TEST ™ in the land for the detection of impairment. The most scientifically RIGOROUS (so we’re…

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Are You Showing Contempt? I’m Doing My Best to Hide it

In other news today, North Korea’s dictator ordered the execution of a government official after an investigation into the official’s “sitting posture at a parliamentary meeting.” Before you shake your head at the sad fate Kim Yong-sin, executed by firing squad for bad posture, consider the outrage this week over Colin Kaepernick, who decided not…

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