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Archive for August 2016

Confusions People Make: Don’t talk to Police

An actual exchange I recently had with an otherwise smart non-lawyer who is confused about whether he should talk to police. Reproduced with his permission. SMART GUY: What if they say they’re interviewing you as a witness? Do they never take mere witnesses into the interrogation room? Genuinely curious, not challenging your expertise. DAMON CHETSON:…

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Talking and Lying to Police in a Criminal Investigation

When you least expect it a knock may come on your door from a police officer, investigator, agent, deputy, or other law enforcement officer who wants to “ask a few questions.” Whatever the title the person might carry, the decision you make in the next few seconds could change the course of your life. North…

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Shaken Baby Syndrome – The Tide May Be Turning

In 2013, I tried a shaken baby syndrome case in which the jury came back, finding my client not guilty of all charges. The case was harrowing and high stakes. Had she been convicted, my client would’ve faced something on the order of six to seven years in prison. That was before North Carolina increased…

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