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Archive for September 2014

How Is Domestic Violence Handled in Raleigh, NC?

Domestic violence has always been a topic of concern, especially because so much of it is hidden and both women and men, as well as children, often suffer in silence. With the latest travails within the NFL, domestic violence is becoming a much more visible issue, with a significant amount of discussion around who may…

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Impacts of Criminal Charges on Immigration Status

North Carolina has a rich diversity. We are a multi-cultural community, thanks in part to educational and employment opportunities that attract the brightest minds and hardest workers from international geographies. When it comes to immigration status in North Carolina, some people are here on green cards, others are on visas, while some are undocumented. Most…

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What Are Your Rights When Stopped by a Police Officer?

We hear it all the time: “I was polite and cooperative with the police officer, and he arrested me anyways.” So what does it mean to be polite and cooperative? Just that. But here’s what it’s not: It’s not answering questions It’s not consenting to a search of your property It’s not consenting to a…

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Painkiller Overdoses Decrease as Medical Marijuana is Legalized

It’s becoming more and more common: state after state is legalizing medical marijuana. Some states are even legalizing the “drug” for recreational use, such as Colorado and Washington. Proponents of the legalization of marijuana point to the opportunity for tax revenue and the belief that a stoned driver is no more dangerous, perhaps even less…

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