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Archive for December 2013

Scharff Law Firm

I’ve known Jesse Scharff for three years. He is one of the really top up and coming Raleigh criminal lawyers. A former public defender in Baltimore, Jesse has seen it all. He is a fierce advocate for his clients, a fine trial lawyer, and a good human being. Jesse and I have cooperated on a…

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The Chetson Firm Airplane

In August, I began training for my private pilot’s certificate. The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time, in addition to various other requirements: a check ride with an FAA approved examiner, a class 3 medical certificate, and passing a written examination. In October my law firm purchased a Cherokee 140 –…

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DWI Punishment Generates Outrage

The Internet is abuzz with the news that 16-year-old Ethan Couch who was sentenced to a decade on probation after he admitted to driving the car that killed four people while having a BAC of .24. The teen had the good fortune to be born to a wealthy family, a fact that his attorneys raised…

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No Love Lost for DWI Defendants

Having spent years defending DWI suspects charged with drunk driving in Wake County, I can tell you these are tough cases to defend, requiring skilled representation, a thorough knowledge of the various tools police use to stop and arrest DWI suspects, and an understanding of the machines the State uses to cheaply and efficiently convict…

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Invocation of Your Right to Remain Silence

Anyone involved in the criminal justice system – be they prosecutors, police officers, defense counsel or judges – understands the importance of remaining silent prior to going to trial, even in cases where the eventual accused may be entirely innocent of the charge. Years of living and working within the system teach participants that only…

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Wake County Detention Officer Convicted

Former Wake County Detention Officer Markeith Council will forever be a felon.  And that’s a very sad fact.  Even sadder is that Wake County Detainee Shon McClain is dead. The video shows the viciousness with which Council responded to McLean’s perhaps rude, but, not assaultive behavior. Neither Council’s conviction today for involuntary manslaughter, nor McClain’s…

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