Working on a Felony Drug Contract

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Someone recently asked me:

I sold marijuana to an “informant” twice. The second time I was brought in by police and offered a deal to become an confidential informant. I was told if I brought in 5 controlled drug buys. My first buy went bad, and the cops ended up revealing my cover. After that they told me I just had to do one more buy. I can’t come up with anything substantial. I’m wondering if I have any chance of still getting my charges dropped, or at least most of them. I have no clue how the law works. Should I get a lawyer?

The short answer is that you should have gotten a lawyer from the very beginning. If you are arrested on a felony drug charge and offered the opportunity to cooperate – either by providing information or by setting up potential drug buys – you should always have an attorney on your side to make sure that the deal you’re offered is a good deal. In addition, you should have an attorney who can help you work with police to get credit for everything you do.

Many contracts technically fail – meaning that the defendant has trouble providing all the assistance the defendant said he would provide at the beginning of the contract. But a good attorney is sometimes able to get the defendant credit for his good faith efforts to succeed on the contract.

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