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Archive for August 2011

Recent Changes to NC DWI Law

Recent (2011) changes to NC DWI law include: NCGA created (“Laura’s Law”) a new DWI sentencing level – “Aggravated Level One” – which applies to all DWIs (offenses committed as of December 2011) – where there are three or more grossly aggravating factors (although see below for changes to how Minor in Car are handled).…

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What is a Plea Transcript

A plea transcript is a three or four page document used when the State and the defendant have agreed upon a plea. The transcript includes a list of approximately 30 questions which the Defendant must answer to the satisfaction of the judge. These questions include questions about the mental acuity of the defendant, his ability…

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What is an Arraignment?

An arraignment is a formal reading of a criminal complaint, almost always in the presence of the defendant. In North Carolina, arraignments vary by crime type. In the case of misdemeanors, a person is usually arraigned just once – immediately prior to either taking a plea or immediately prior to trial. In the case of…

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