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Archive for May 2011

What is a PJC or Prayer for Judgment Continued

A prayer for judgment continued or PJC is unique to North Carolina, and is a type of disposition that is frequently used in misdemeanor cases in North Carolina courts. Many people think that a PJC is a good thing to get, but over the years the value of a PJC has been chipped away such…

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iPhone DWI App under Scrutiny

Interesting video on Trapster, an iPhone application that allows people to figure out where DWI checkpoints are being set up. Several state Attorneys General have been pressuring Apple to remove the apps from the iPhone App Store.

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What is a Hash?

A hash is a string of data – series of letters and numbers in a row – that is unique to a set of a data given a specific hash function. While hashing may be used for may different purposes, in computer forensic work, a seized computer or harddisk or flash drive is usually hashed…

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Forensic Analysis and Computer Crimes

I recommend this short article Digital Smoke (pdf) by Al Lewis of Paradigm Solutions. Mr. Lewis has accurately characterized the problems facing not only police agencies, but also users (and defendants), and lawyers as they deal with allegations of computer crimes or internet crimes. About the user, Mr. Lewis writes: Today?s computer users can be…

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Computer Forensics in the Courtroom

After more than eight weeks in trial, and more than two years in preparation for trial, Cary computer engineer Brad Cooper was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of his wife Nancy Cooper. Many in Raleigh and the Research Triangle were captivated by the salacious details – marital infidelity, rumors, and gossip…

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Sex Offenses and Violent Sexual Predator Law

Sex offenses – rapes, sexual assaults, sexual battery, indecent liberties with a child, peeping – are some of the most difficult offenses for a criminal lawyer to handle. That’s because, in addition to the significant emotional issues at stake, our society has determined that punishing such defendants and protecting the rest of society from them…

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