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Archive for April 2011

Probable Cause and the North Carolina Grand Jury

North Carolina laws provide three ways by which a case can be prosecuted in Superior Court, which is where all felonies must be tried. The prosecutor may request that a judge find probable cause that the person committed a crime after a hearing in open court. This is called a probable cause hearing. If the…

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Recent Criminal Case Wins

In the past two months, The Chetson Firm has been able to achieve some outstanding results for clients charged with felonies or misdemeanors in North Carolina’s courts. While every case is different and has unique facts, we’ve been able to win outright or drastically reduce punishments in a number of cases. Accused of Shoplifting, Case…

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Proving a Drug is a Drug

Let’s assume that a police officer spots someone with a bag full of pills. The pills are of different shapes, colors, and sizes. But, based on various information – maybe a confidential tip – the police officer concludes they are controlled substances (drugs) and that the person ought to be arrested for drug possession. A…

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Raleigh traffic lawyer

Since our founding, The Chetson Firm has focused on representing people in Wake County who face serious state and federal felonies – including drug and sex offense cases – and misdemeanors, including drug possession, driving while impaired, and larceny and theft charges. We’ve been able to help hundreds of people throughout Wake County charged with…

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