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Archive for March 2011

Top 10 iPad 2 Apps for the Lawyer

Last year I wrote about the 10 essential iPad apps for the lawyer and lots of people read and reviewed that list. Over the course of the year, I frequently used my iPad not just to pass the time while waiting in court, but to do real work. During one bench trial, I used my…

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How do I secure my WiFi Network?

Child pornography is a very unpleasant topic. But even more unpleasant is facing criminal charges for possession of child pornography. Certainly the abuse of children is something that should never be tolerated. But in the effort to end child pornography (which will never be truly be ended so long as there are humans on the…

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The Wire: Drug Trafficking Charge for Felicia Pearson

One of my favorite characters from the HBO show The Wire was Snoop, the enforcer for Marlo’s drug organization. Now it’s turned out that Snoop was picked up in a drug raid in Baltimore and is now being charged with trafficking in heroin: Felicia Pearson, an ex-con who played a drug gangster named Snoop on…

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Minnesota Judge Rules Intoxilyzer Results Invalid

North Carolina no longer uses the Intoxilyzer 5000. It uses the Intox EC/IR II. But a Minnesota judge recently ruled that the Intoxilyzer results are invalid, which puts into jeopardy some 4,000 cases. The reason comes down the source code – the computer code that powers the machine. Since the manufacturer, CMI of Kentucky, has…

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Recent Developments in Confrontation Clause Law

The confrontation clause of the United States Constitution provides every defendant to question – in court – his accusers. Accusers is a broad term, including not just the victim, but also anyone who may have said something incriminating about the defendant outside of court. The confrontation clause is a protection for the defendant, allowing the…

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