DWLR – Driving While License Revoked

Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) is actually a misdemeanor charge – meaning that it is a criminal charge, and not an infraction – in North Carolina. It’s defined at N.C.G.S 20-28(a) as a Class 1 misdemeanor, which is the second most serious misdemeanor class. (Class A1 is the most serious misdemeanor class level.)

For “first time offenders” (meaning people without criminal records) the punishment at most would be some kind of community punishment, like community service or unsupervised probation.

If you’ve gotten cited for a DWLR, and you’ve not been cited for a DWLR before, you should do yourself a big favor and get a valid N.C. license before you go to court.

If the court date is too close and doesn’t leave you enough time to get a license, your lawyer can have the court date postponed for a month or two until you are able to get a valid license.

The reason is that many Wake County DAs will dismiss a DWLR charge if the person has otherwise not gotten one before, and if the person shows proof of a valid license.

You certainly want to avoid a DWLR conviction.

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