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Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Damon Chetson

Sharing His Thoughts on North Carolina Criminal Law Issues

“Booze It & Lose It” – NC Ramps Up DWI Arrests

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North Carolinas “Booze It & Lose It” campaign resulted in recent a high volume of DWI arrests. The specific “Operation Firecracker” was led during the Fourth of July weekend and included almost 2,000 arrests throughout the state. The highest amount of arrests occurred within Wake County with almost 200 people. A statewide DWI identification and [...]

How Not To Message: Communications 101

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Neil Siegel, a former special counsel to Joe Biden and supporter of ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act, was on WUNC’s The State of Things on Wednesday discussing recent appellate litigation involving the subsidies authorized by the Act. The DC Circuit ruled Monday that subsidies are illegal in states that did not set up their own insurance exchanges. [...]

Not So Lucky 21 – NC DWI Charges for Those Under the Age of 21

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DWI offenses involve many components and age is no exception. North Carolina laws have always implied a “zero tolerance” policy regarding underage drinking and the legislature enacted stricter regulations in 1999. There is an unquestionable presence of underage drinking, especially with so many colleges in the area, and as a result many DWI’s involve those [...]

Low Turnout, No Media Coverage

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North Carolina’s rule that a person clear 40 percent had some logic back when the Democratic Party was dominant from, say, the 1890s to the 1980s. It was put in place by the Democrats to broaden support for the party in what was essentially a single-party state for much of the twentieth century. Today, the [...]

North Carolina Police Using Fake 911 Calls

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Indy Week’s John Tucker has uncovered an amazing story of Durham Police claiming fake 911 calls in order to gain entry into people’s homes to conduct illegal searches, seizures, and ultimately arrests. The story has been picked up by the Washington Post. So far I haven’t seen any other local reporting about this practice, which [...]

Jeff Cruden endorsed by Skip Stam

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The July 15 runoff in the Republican Primary between Jeff Cruden and John Bryant is upon us. Republican House Speaker Pro Tem in the North Carolina General Assembly, has sent out an email endorsing Cruden: On Tuesday, July 15, the run-off election will be held for Wake County District Attorney. I will be voting for [...]